The future is in the hands of the consumer. Since the customer is always right, how is your business evolving to cater to their needs? Client demands and expectations are unique and never-ending. It is almost impossible for a business to keep everyone happy at all times. With a self-service portal tool on your website, your business can improve the user experience(UX).

The concept of self-service economics is not new, the proof of concept has been demonstrated to us by grocery stores, rideshare services, hotels etc. for many years!

RideShare: Uber and Lyft are rideshare companies currently dominating the market! With ridesharing apps your cellphone Customers click on their app and request a driver near them, skipping the middleman, (in this case the dispatcher) and communicating information via their devices: price, ETA, status.

Hotels: When was the last time you called the front desk to book a room? When was last time you paid a travel agent to book your vacation? When the modern customer travels, they can book their hotels and house shares on many different websites and applications. Booking software empowers customers to confirm when they intend to travel, check and compare prices and finalize payment methods.

Groceries: How much do you love the Self Service kiosks at the grocery stores? Or better yet the meal delivery subscriptions such as Blue Apron, Hello Chef or Plated? The modern consumer can have their groceries pre-bagged for them at the supermarket or sent directly to their door. In every industry, the business model is to cater to the customer.

Did you know that 70% of customers expect a self-service portal on your website? Customers visit your website to find information or to respond to a call to action(CTA). If you have an eCommerce site your CTA is “Buy Now” or “Shop”. Other businesses such as salons, repair shops, offices, etc. want people to come in and request services and the CTA should be: Book an appointment.

Your website should be thorough; you tell your customers about your hours of operation, details of service, etc. The modern-day customer loves self-service portals– they have a high return on investment. Research, understand and embrace the trend and then #follow it!


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