If your business does not have a website yet, ask yourself why. This is the digital age! The lack of an online presence is an incredible disservice to your business and its growth. According to a consumer study conducted by Weebly, 56% of a million people stated that they do not trust a business without a website. There are approximately 2 billion people on the internet every day, accessing websites through our phones, tablets, and computers. Optimized, responsive and relevant websites are essential to business credibility and outreach.

1. 81% of customers conduct online search before they make purchases.
Your business is being compared to other businesses every time someone searches a keyword related to your business. Even if most of your business traffic is local, those customers are still conducting searches before finalizing decisions. Your competitors are online most likely, using their content to appeal to local customers. Why would you exclude yourself from this potential business?

2. Collect visitor demographics and data for lead generation.
Generating leads for your business is hard work. With a website, your business can collect client information through forms, subscribe CTA’s and appointment modules. Use this information to reach out to clients with future promotions and deals!

3. Expand your business presence to anywhere with an internet connection.
Being on the internet allows your business to be found by anyone in the world. If you have an online store, market your products globally. If you are a nonprofit spread the message of your cause worldwide.

4. Improve customer service and save time.
Customers prefer self-service, if your website displays content effectively then it is a self service tool on its own. Displaying pertinent information clearly and intuitively, allows clients to answer most of their questions and concerns themselves.

5. Return on Investment (ROI)

The return on investment for all of the opportunities above is incredible. Creating and maintaining a website is becoming more and more accessible to all businesses. Modern businesses need websites to compete, they are invaluable assets in our digital age.

Your website is not only a tool that is valuable, it is also flexible, it can be many things. Your website can be a business card, an introduction to who you are. Your website can be an employee, constantly available and provide information to visitors. Your website can be the megaphone for your Call To Action, helping customers engage with your cause or buy a product. Make sure that your website is the tool that your business needs it to be. The only thing your website should not, and cannot be is non-exisistent.


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