Yesterday the Apptoe team explored the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Our purpose was to educate small businesses about the importance of a website, the advantage of an appointment and lead generation and conversion software.


We chose this exercise because Apptoe exists to elevate small businesses, and starting the conversation around the need for solutions is the first step to implementing them. Engagement with other businesses made the experience genuinely educational. The first stop we made was to Bensonhurst, NY to meet up with the Phone Pros and launch their website with an Apptoe integration.



Located off of the bustling streets of Brooklyn, NY the Phone Pros serve the community of Bensonhurst and beyond. Everyone who walked into Phone Pros met and matched the smile of the friendly team. Not only do the Phone Pros serve customers in the community, but they are also the expert resource for businesses throughout the electronics industry. The title Phone Pros is not an exaggeration; their team has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Keeping up with the times and industry needs extends even to payment methods– as the Phone Pros now accept Bitcoin as payment!


As a family run organization, we were impressed with the level of teamwork and unity that fueled the efficiency, growth, and expertise of the business. Apptoe’s solutions for this business was to take them a step further with a new WordPress site and appointment booking software. The future for the Phone Pros is exciting with their new online presence and engagement software. Apptoe is happy to be a part of their journey and glad to have them as a part of our own.

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