The next time you are in Lawrence MA, stop by iPhones Solutions. The Apptoe team recently had the pleasure of working with iPhone Solutions integrating their website with our software. By implementing the following updates, we were able to convert website browsers into customers with confirmed appointments.

1. Highlight the CTA of “Book an Appointment”

We were lucky to work with the friendly Angel, from iPhone Solution Repairs. We helped him install Apptoe onto his website on Weebly, and we highlighted the Book an Appointment CTA for his customers. Angel told us that he had seen immediate responses on his site and that’s precisely the response your business needs!

We had already seen a response from our customers by including an appointment module on our site, and we love the customer service from Apptoe!” – iPhone Solutions

2. Include a self-service portal

The modern customer prefers not to call your business at all, the majority of them prefer to interact with a self-service portal of some kind. Integrating the iPhone Solutions website with Apptoe saves time for Angel and his team to focus on repairs!

3. Automate your correspondence with customers
Sometimes the business day doesn’t unfold quite as planned. With, Apptoe you can manage customer repairs and communication from one place–the Apptoe dashboard.

4. Request social media reviews from your Happy Customers
Potential customers want to read reviews of your business, encouraging many social media reviews is key to ensuring that you encourage feedback from your happy customers!

There are many more features Apptoe has to offer your business. Apptoe exists to help your business grow by enhancing the functionality of your website as a conversion tool. Contact us today! We are available for demos and our team is happy to personalize your software integration. We look forward to meeting you and helping you grow your business!


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