Businesses that have a solid plan for growth thrive–what is the future of your business without steady growth? Lead generation is valuable; it’s how businesses contact potentially interested customers and follow up with them.

Apptoe is not only an appointment booking software, Apptoe is also a lead generation tool. Here are a few ways your business can use Apptoe for lead generation as well as appointment booking.

  • Encourage repeat visits. Keep in touch with customers through their emails and phone numbers in the Apptoe dashboard.
  • Tap into your existing network for referrals: Keep in touch with your customers to share upcoming sales and promotions. Remind and incentivize your customers to refer your business to a friend.
  • Understand your demographic. Improve brand value and customer loyalty with the Apptoe analytics system. Understand your typical customer, what repairs do they need, what times, which location etc.
  • Optimize your social presence. Use Apptoe to request reviews on your social media channels and expand the social outreach and influence of your business.
  • Build partnerships with other businesses to generate leads: Use our Channel Partners feature to help encourage customers appointments from referrals.

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