Where will you take your repair business in 2018? Here are a few tips from the Apptoe team on some upgrades you should consider to keep up with today’s market.

Booking Appointments: Most customers conduct an online search before voting your business and browsing your webpage. Give them a CTA to engage with like: ‘Book Now’ or ‘Make an Appointment’. Your website is up 24/7, let it work for you. With an appointment module, you can advertise your In-Store, On- Site or Mail In repair services. Maximize your potential client base.

On Site Repair: Customers have busy lives. Your business responds to the needs and desires of its customers. Employ mobile technicians and implement On-Site Repair for your business! With On-Site repair, you can repair on the go and serve customers at their convenience.

Smart Home Installation: There are many new and exciting technologies available for the home. Not everyone knows how to install their IOT. IOT maintenance, installation and repair is an excellent skill for your mobile technicians to bring revenue in for your business.

Drone Repair: Drones are here to stay. Your business should be looking into repairing drones and drone parts. As this technology becomes increasingly popular and accessible prepare your business to service clients. There are many resources online to support you in this extension of services.

Rentals and Second-Hand Sales: When you begin to repair specialized electronics such as drones and electric skateboards etc. we hope that you will fight eWaste by refurbishing and reselling secondhand devices. It’s a great way to encourage additional revenue and share technologies with customers on a budget.

The future is here, let your business grow with it! Share this article and comment below to share the innovative ways your business is growing.




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