7 Ways Apptoe Improves your Website UI

A good User Interface(UI) is essential to a successful website. A website with a good UI is easy to use and successfully engages browsers with its call to action (CTA). Engagement is a critical component of conversion, so business websites have even more incentive to maintain the right balance between UI and (user experience) UX. The Apptoe software is a great way to convert customers, encourage leads and improve the efficacy of your website. Here are seven ways to improve your site UI with Apptoe.


1. Streamlined and straightforward functionality. The Apptoe software is intuitive and straightforward. Customers are guided to select a type of repair, the available services and service location, in sequence.

2. Increase social media reviews. Displaying your social media reviews are an excellent way to convert browsers into your site as customers. Apptoe customers who make use of the review request tool, have seen a considerable increase in reviews.

3. Avoid losing customers by using fewer form fields. It is crucial to your website UI to have as few form fields as possible. People are not on your site to do work! Forms that ask for too much information can become tedious and may even intimidate users before they even begin to fill them out.

4.  Displaying all service options. The Apptoe interface allows users to see all of the services your repair business is capable of doing.

5. Grouping Items. When a customer is booking a repair, the repair they are looking for is tied to the device model, which is found by brand. Making it easy for customers to find services easily is good for UI. (Apptoe is a tool for progressive disclosure)

6. Responsive. Having a responsive website is a modern standard. Google Analytics can provide insight on what devices your customers are using to view your content. However, it is in your best interest to have a site that is responsive to any device.

7. Keep customers on your website. The Apptoe iframe is embedded on your page, keeping customers on your website for conversion. Apptoe is white label; we don’t want to advertise to your clients. We keep customers on your site, converting them on your page = Low bounce rates and high conversion

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