Use Apptoe To Have Customers PrePay Appointments

Even with Apptoe, sometimes things do not always go as planned. Customers booking appointments may not show up, or they may show up late etc. This should not dissuade you from using booking software to convert customers and upgrade your website UI. To protect your business from no-shows, or late patrons, use the Apptoe email system. From the Apptoe dashboard, you can communicate terms and conditions and request payments as well.  Not only does Apptoe have an email system built in, but Apptoe is also configured to take payments through PayPal. Here is how to connect PayPal to your Apptoe account.

Log into your PayPal business account and select ‘Tools’ from the menu.  ‘All Tools’.

Scroll down to ‘API credentials’ and select it. On this page


Select the  NVP/SOAP API Integration(Classic)

Reveal the API username, API password and signature.

Enter those credentials (username, password, signature) in the Apptoe dashboard >Settings>Payment

If you have additional questions please email us today. We will be happy to answer questions and set up a walkthrough.

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