Customers rely on online searches to find your business. Apptoe is a way for you to convert browsers into potential customers with a confirmed appointment. Apptoe also helps your business generate social media reviews, which is helpful in attracting more business. Reviews are pretty important nowadays.

More than 92% of customers read your reviews and judge the merits of your company based on the star rating.


86% of customers will consider not doing business with a merchant with bad reviews.

We put together a list of a few ways to manage negative reviews:

  1. Respond Immediately 

A negative review without a response shows a lack of concern. Answering a negative review shows new customers that you value your customers. Responding to a negative review is an excellent time to showcase your professionalism. Answering reviews courteously and in a timely fashion to maintaining good business relationships and impress new customers!

 2. Acknowledge and empathize 

Negative reviews are usually written emotionally– don’t take them personally! Acknowledge the problem, empathize and respond.  It is easier to speak to an angry customer when you are not defensive yourself–apologize, understand the issue and investigate. This will allow the customer to feel as though they are heard and also show your level of dedication to onlookers.

3. Respond in a timely manner

It’s important that potential customers can see that reviews are acknowledged and responded to promptly. Keep up to date with what is happening on your social media reviews and publically respond. If the issue needs additional attention, correspond with the customer privately and let them know you will reach out to them on the review so other customers can see that management takes the steps required to fix issues!

4. Be Authentic

DO NOT COPY and PASTE. Your review responses should be authentic and personalized. Every single review doesn’t have to be poetry, however people reading your reviews will notice the repetition. Speak online as you would in person– lose the script!

5.  Request positive reviews with Apptoe 

Relevant reviews are important. Customers want to see recent reviews of your business to help them make their decisions. The best way to get new reviews and to improve your star ratings is to give great service and request new reviews. Automate this business boost with Apptoe! Through the Apptoe dashboard, you can send automated emails to clients to ask that they give you reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google + and more.

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