2018: How On-Site Changes the Way We Live

Apptoe is excited about the future, and the future for Apptoe is accessibility. We have recently made Apptoe FREE, to help all small businesses engage with their customers. The next step is a generalized version of our application for all industries. The Apptoe features, In-Store, On-Site and Mail-In Repair are all currently designed for the needs of repair businesses. The trends in consumer behavior indicate that On-Site services are re-defining business model. The idea of “We come to you” is becoming highly popularized across many industries. Here are some examples of companies that have used On-Site services as the cornerstone of their business model.

Looking your best can happen at home without having to leave the driveway.

Priv and Glam Squad are examples of two companies who have connected customers to aestheticians across the country. Book a stylist to do your hair, nails, and makeup in your own home! Priv even displays pictures of past work and customer reviews to help you select a stylist.


Eat Better

Whether you are throwing a huge dinner party or an intimate dinner for two, a private chef can genuinely enhance the experience. Indulge Chef is a service in the New York and Miami that coordinates the reservation of fine dining chefs. Hire a private chef to plan a meal for a special occasion with an On-Site chef.


Everyone loves a good massage. With Zeel, you can coordinate On-Site massage services from experts around the country.  Spa music, spa bed, and vetted massage technician are all brought into the homes of customers across the country.

“Having somebody come to your home rather than you having to go out frees up so much of your time and your day.”

Is there anyone who likes to do dishes?

No seriously. We are asking. On-Site cleaning services are here thanks to businesses such as Today’s Maid and Tidy. With a click of a button, people are connected to available, accredited home cleaners in their area.

No matter what your budget is, it is highly likely that house calls are available for the service you are interested in. If there is a way that Apptoe can help your business connect with customers, we would be happy to create a custom solution for you. Apptoe is a tool for your business to adapt, transform and grow. Ask us for more information today!



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