Apptoe was launched September 2017 to proactively respond to the expectations of the modern customer in the repair industry. Today’s customer has a new set of expectations:

  1. They expect to find your business online
  2. They expect customer service and engagement to be a priority
  3. They expect a certain level of convenience and self-service.


As the operators of two repair businesses in Westchester County, RepairXpert, we understood the expectations of the modern customer in the context of repair shops. Apptoe was designed as an industry-specific software solution.


Every good website has a call to action(CTA). The CTA of a repair business should be to get repair requests. Whether you specialize in In-Store appointments, On-Site appointments, Mail-In repairs or all three–an appointment module allows customers to provide details about their repair needs while skipping the unnecessary back and forth of a phone call.


From the backend of our application you can automate communication on the transaction with your customers and use their stored information for future client outreach. Our iframe embeds onto your site, ensuring that conversion happens on your page. We have considered all aspects of a module that was important to us as a small business. Now after our own success we are sharing our software with you. Contact us today for a demo and experience Apptoe with our FREE 30 day trial.