Apptoe’s In Store repair tool is designed to connect your business with potential clients to best serve their needs. Through our custom software, your company provides information on hours of operation, services, prices and other details allowing customers to book & confirm appointments. AppToE gives your business a unique opportunity to close deals after store hours and best prepare staff for incoming business traffic. The software tracks the details of customer requests and compiles reports for your review. Information on the repair requests, times of appointments, coupon codes and client preferences are all stored in your AppToE dashboard. Use this data to get in tune with business needs and trends and maximize your business growth today!

1) Call to Action

Create a call to action for your website / social media through our’Book an Appointment’ tab.

2) Manage inventory/ staff

Anticipate the needs of your store inventory and on-site staff with the information provided by the in-store appointment module. Illustrate a better understanding of the needs of the business day with the data collected.

3) Have customers commit

Convert customers on your site to an appointment in your store and manage a record of customer information for future outreach.

4) Channel Partner / Referrals

Manage the referrals your business gets through our channel partners feature. Affiliate businesses can give customers a trackable coupon code which you can use to encourage more referrals and channel partners.