Not all customers can visit your store for their needs. In some occasions, devices are challenging to transport or that need to remain at a business. Perhaps you need to service a client who is unable to travel or who prefers to meet at a convenient location. Your business depends on your customers, so keep them happy with AppToE! On-Site repair is a feature we designed to help your company respond to the needs of a remote customer. With On-Site repair your customer can designate a time and place to meet a repair technician, enabling your business to surpass past the limitations of its physical location.

1) Empower your customers

Give your customers the flexibility to determine the time and place of their device repair.

2) Billing and Invoicing

Bill and invoice on the go while keeping an electronic record

3) Pickup and Delivery Options

For any pickup and delivery needs provide flexible options for your customers while keeping a ledger.

4) Keep a Log

Manage a traceable electronic log of the team and client communications/status of repair/time spent & much more.